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Support During Uncertain Times/Apoyo Durante Tiempos Inciertos

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AHERA Management Plan - Palo Verde Elementary 2019.pdf

AHERA Notice

Notification is required to inform building occupants at least once each school year about inspections, response actions, and post-response action activities, including periodic re-inspection and surveillance activities that are planned or in progress at each school K-12 in accordance with AHERA. The EPA requires every school to have an asbestos management plan

Water Quality - Lead Consumer Notice 7-10-20.pdf

Water Quality Report


Policy GBEB

HB2119 school safety; reporting has enacted a new law, ARS 15-153, Crime reporting; policies and procedures; notification; discipline, which is applicable to school districts and charter schools. This law affects employees in the requirements for reporting serious offenses as defined in this statute

Each school district or charter school shall post the policies and procedures pertaining to the above on its website. If the school district or charter school maintains an online Manual/Handbook of policies and procedures, the school district or charter school may post a link to that manual with a reference to the appropriate policies and procedures.

Schools which are not in compliance by January 21, 2020, may be negatively impacted by not being eligible to apply for specific School Safety Program Grants, pursuant to A.R.S. 15-153.