Food Service

The Palo Verde Food Service Department is dedicated to delivering high quality, nutritious meals to our students. We recognize that the eating habits we form in our youth are those habits that will stay with us for a lifetime. With this in mind, we maintain a cafeteria that meets all of the minimum standards of the quality and quantity of food served.

We strive to provide for your child a healthful meal in a clean and pleasant environment.

Since good nutrition impacts classroom performance, our menus and food preparation is designed to assist student learning. We also encourage parents to help their children to eat healthy, nutritious foods both at school and at home.

For more information, feel free to contact our Director of Food Service, Mary Mogen by e-mail or by phone at (623) 327-3693.

Meal Prices

The meal prices are as follows:


  • Student Full: $1.25

  • Reduced: $0.30

  • Adult/Guest $2.50


  • Student Full: $2.85

  • Reduced: $0.40

  • Adult/Guest $5.00

Cafeteria Hours

The school cafeteria opens at 7:30 a.m.

Ten Ways to Be Bright and Eat Right

  1. Choose plenty of vegetables, like broccoli, celery, spinach, and carrots.

  2. Have fresh fruits every day - apples, berries, oranges, bananas, and more!

  3. Enjoy low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese. Milk products give you strong bones!

  4. Build muscle with protein foods like turkey, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, and beans.

  5. Give your body the energy it needs by eating whole-grain bread, cereal, and rice.

  6. Eat from all the food groups every day.

  7. Try new kinds of healthy foods whenever you can. You might discover a new favorite food!

  8. Drink water or low-fat milk instead of soda pop.

  9. Avoid foods high in fat, sugar, and salt, like candy, cookies, french fries, and potato chips.

  10. Eat school lunch. It's a balanced meal and tastes great!

School Menus